A Paradigm Shift in MBR Technology

the challenge for aD operators in the uK

The operators of AD facilities face universal issues relating to input feedstocks on the one hand and disposal of digestate produced.

Feedstock & Digestate Disposal Issues

Operator of PAS110 anaerobic digestors face a number of challenges, not limited to the ones listed below!

  • Low gate fees
  • Feedstock shortages
  • Low gate fees
  • Storage & disposal of digestate to land
  • Seasonal storage requirements of up to six months
  • Increasingly tight PAS110 standards making digestate disposal problematic
The Solution To The Digestate Disposal Problem

The alternative to land dispersal is the treatment of the digestate so that it is fit for discharge to sewer. The FIBREPlate Hybrid MBR achieves this through the combination of the strengths of hollow-fibre & Flat-sheet membrane technologies while eliminating the weaknesses of both.

FIBREPlate :

  • Is an immersed Hybrid PVDF Membrane
  • Delivers true 0.035μm ultra-filtration through every module
  • Stainless Steel Cassettes with single, double & triple stacks

Key Benefits of the FIBREPlate Hybrid Hollow Fibre / Flat Membrane MBR
  • Smaller Footprint, Bigger Flows, Better Quality Water
  • readily expansible as throughput increases
  • Increased plant capacity within an existing footprint
  • Reduced operating costs compared with alternatives
  • Easily integrated into existing facilities
  • The FIBREPlate MBR is robust, easy to manage & proven technology

FIBREPlate Hybrid MBR Video Overview

Process integration


A FIBREPlate MBR Integrated Into A Typical Organic Trommel Fines Processing Facility

Key Anaergia Technologies deployed – OREX Extrusion Press, CleanREX Dynamic Cyclone and FIBREPlate Hybrid Hollow Fibre/Flat Membrane MBR.

The AD digestate produced Is not PAS110 compliant, but can be prepared for discharge to sewer using the FIBREPlate Hybrid MBR.

The unique Hybrid Hollow Fibre / Flat Membrane MBR Ultra-Filters the digestate, which has had its nitrogen content removed by Nitrification-Denitrification as shown below.

Anaergia Case Studies

FIBREPlate MBR in Action in Cyprus
MSW 168000 TPY – Fully integrated facility with a 90% reduction in Waste going to Landfill.

Key Technologies – MRF Organics Extrusion, Anaerobic Digestion, MBR, Power Generation & Drying. Cost effective, smart layout & exceptional performance that meets ambitious demands for environmental protection, mixed MSW processing, sustainable energy production, resource recovery and safe operation.

Organic Waste Problems In San Mateo, California
How San Mateo County aims to divert the Organic Waste in MSW from Landfill.
Rialto Bioenergy Facility, Rialto City, California
Anaergia Designed, Built, Owns, Operates & Financed the Facility which reduces CO2 emissions by 220,000 metric annually, equivalent to 55000 cars.

OREX Press Plays Key Role in Landfill Diversion Strategy in Cyprus

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