bpeo for household food waste collection

an Alternative Strategy To Source Separated Food Waste

separate Household Food Waste collections?

Separate Household Food Collection is often difficult to do and always more expensive. Also, many Local Authorities may have contractual obligations making change difficult.

An OREX Press offers a proven, affordable and easy to manage solution.

  • An OREX Press Extracts 80% of the putrescibles in co-collected garden & food waste
  • The OREX Press Makes It Possible To Process Green Waste In A Standard AD Plant
  • high throughput – single OREX press will process 70,000 tonnes per year
  • The OREX Press provides the BPEO using robust, proven & affordable technology

UK Households Produce 6.5mt Of Food Waste Per Annum

Separate Household Food Waste collections at source, may not be the panacea hoped for.

The National Association of Waste Disposal Officers states that the best LA performers are collecting only 40% of the available food waste. Link below.


AD In UK Could Process up to 3.7mt of Food & 6.7mt per year of Green Waste

An OREX Press can process Green Waste in a standard AD plant, no need for DRY AD.

The digestate produced is PAS100 certified & the high quality biogas can be readily converted to Biomethane.


The OREX Press is a Unique & Innovative Technological Solution for Organic Trommel Fines

  • An OREX can process garden waste producing a feedstock suitable for a wet AD plant
  • The digestate produced is PAS100 certified
  • The high quality biogas can be readily converted to Biomethane
  • OREX is robust & easily managed technology

How OREX Complements Existing IVC Facilities

The Schematic Diagrams below illustrate how an OREX Press, with the CleanREX (for plastic fragments removal) offers the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) to Separate Household Food Waste Collections.

The OREX/CleanREX System Works Equally well on both SSO & Mixed Biowaste

Anaerobic Digestor
Pre-Treated Food & Garden Waste

OREX Press Case Studies

OREX Organics Press in Action in Cyprus
MSW 168000 TPY – Fully integrated facility with a 90% reduction in Waste going to Landfill.

Key Technologies – MRF Organics Extrusion, Anaerobic Digestion, MBR, Power Generation & Drying. Cost effective, smart layout & exceptional performance that meets ambitious demands for environmental protection, mixed MSW processing, sustainable energy production, resource recovery and safe operation.

OREX Solving Organic Waste Problems In San Mateo, California
How San Mateo County aims to divert the Organic Waste in MSW from Landfill.
Rialto Bioenergy Facility, Rialto City, California
Anaergia Designed, Built, Owns, Operates & Financed the Facility which reduces CO2 emissions by 220,000 metric annually, equivalent to 55000 cars.

OREX Press Plays Key Role in Landfill Diversion Strategy in Cyprus

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