What Is It and How Does it works?

the orex high pressure press

The OREX Press separates more than 90% of all the organic material in challenging waste streams, such as Trommel Fines from MSW and Food & Green Waste.

The Press can be integrated onsite to treat existing waste or allow new waste streams to be processed.

Key benefits include:

  • high organic separation efficiency in difficult to treat waste streams
  • produces feedstock with exceptionally high biogas yield for aD
  • high throughput – reduced cycle time, energy consumption & parts wear
  • robust, proven technology that easy to service and maintain
  • OREX produces high organic separation efficiency in challenging wastes
  • OREX produces feedstock with a high biogas yield in AD
  • Compact design achieves high throughout with reduced cycle time, energy consumption & parts wear
  • The OREX is robust, easy to service and maintain
  • The OREX is a proven technology

  • The OREX 500 Press can process up to 20 tonnes per hour of waste
  • Forces waste through 8-16mm mesh screen at pressures of up to 275 bar
  • Pressure separates the wet organic fraction from the paper, carboard, plastics, grit & woody material
  • Wet organic fraction is forced through mesh screen
  • Remaining dry material expelled separately.
  • This Dry Fraction can then be processed into RDF or Composted


OREX Press – Animation with Commentary



How The OREX Press Processes Trommel Fines From An MRF

Key Anaergia Technologies deployed – OREX Extrusion Press, CleanREX Dynamic Cyclone and FIBREPlate Hybrid Hollow Fibre/Flat Membrane MBR.

How OREX Helps Assists Local Authorities with Food Waste Management

The OREX enables the diversion of difficult -to-manage organic wastes wastes from landfill. LA can collect food & green wastes together saving time, cost and infrastructure – or collect it separately. The OREX operates very effectively in both situations . Green Waste pressed by the OREX is now ready for processing in a standard AD plant and the AD digestate produced is PAS110 certified.

Anaerobic Digestor
Pre-Treated Food & Garden Waste

OREX Press Case Studies

OREX Organics Press in Action in Cyprus
MSW 168000 TPY – Fully integrated facility with a 90% reduction in Waste going to Landfill.

Key Technologies – MRF Organics Extrusion, Anaerobic Digestion, MBR, Power Generation & Drying. Cost effective, smart layout & exceptional performance that meets ambitious demands for environmental protection, mixed MSW processing, sustainable energy production, resource recovery and safe operation.

OREX Solving Organic Waste Problems In San Mateo, California
How San Mateo County aims to divert the Organic Waste in MSW from Landfill.
Rialto Bioenergy Facility, Rialto City, California
Anaergia Designed, Built, Owns, Operates & Financed the Facility which reduces CO2 emissions by 220,000 metric annually, equivalent to 55000 cars.

OREX Press Plays Key Role in Landfill Diversion Strategy in Cyprus

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